Brazil in English ─ A New Article Format

Brazil in English

Brazil in English ─ A New Article Format

Manlei Santeoni
Escrito por Manlei Santeoni em 14/09/2021
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Hello, friends!

During these last months, I’ve been trying to figure out what path to follow here on this blog. So far I’ve tried many things, but most of them didn’t really turn me on.

However, while meditating these last days this idea occurred to me: write about Brazil in English.

And that is exactly what I’m gonna do from now on. I still haven’t decided how often these posts will be rolling out, but that’s not that important right now.

One of the goals of this new project is to help people to be in contact with the English language in different ways.

My plan is to write about everything related to our country: local culture, politics, mainstream news, TV shows, people, and such.

Anyway, that’s it. Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list in order to be updated periodically.

Stay tuned!


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